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For those of you who may not know, I’m currently employed by the Catholic board of education in SA as a primary school Japanese teacher in a couple of Catholic schools in SA. As such I was able to put my hand up for an exciting fully funded tour of China put together with the aim to promote intercultural ties between our two countries. Now as a Japanese teacher and wedding photographer you may be wondering why I would be heading to China, considering I can’t speak Chinese… Well I’m actually in the minority of teachers heading over on this program, of the 11 teachers going only 4 teach a language, 2 teach Chinese and 1 teaches Italian. The other teachers teach other subjects such as math, art and history.

China Trip Itinerary


Shandong Provence

The goal of the trip as I said before is to promote a higher standard of Asian literacy within schools in South Australia, therefore we are heading to the South Australian sister province of Shandong, pictured in the map left. And spending a little bit of time travelling around the province while also visiting schools and enjoying the Chinese hospitality.

I will be flying into the metropolis Shanghai on the 12th of April, where we will stay until wednesday visiting such sights as the Bund, Shanghai world Financial Center, the Huangpu River and the Yu Gardens. I’m not only looking forward to the trip with the aim of widening my horizons in regard to Asian literacy, as it’s pretty narrow having lived in and photographed Japan for so long, but also it’s pretty exciting to be able to photograph such a historic country. Below are a couple of the images I hope to replicate while in Shanghai.

Image credits: Travelling Foodie, GoodFun, Hiddenharmonies

After heading to Shanghai we will be visiting the historic Qufu, birthplace of Confucius for a day to visit the Confucius temple, and tomb. very excited to see this. I love travelling and seeing places people don’t usually venture. Should be fantastic.

Image credits: ItourBeijing, FivetalkingIdiots

Then finally we will head to Jinan, capital of Shandong where we will stay ant Shandong University and stay with a homestay family while we visit schools in the area.

Image credits: Melia, Leica Camera

Finally we’ll be heading up to Beijing to visit all the usual, but no less awe inspiring tourist traps such as the Forbidden Palace, Tiananmen Square, and of course the Great Wall of China.

Image Credits: History, Blendspace, TravelHDwallpapers, GardenVisit

As a result of this trip I will not be contactable without great difficulty while I’m in China due to their strict internet censoring laws. However, email will still be available, but a response email may take a while in coming.

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