Authenticate your prints

I have recently developed a system whereby any person who purchases a print from me, either through my website’s shop, or in person can quickly and easily authenticate the print using this website.

Each legitimate print sold by Steven Duncan Art will first of all have a unique hologram attached (pictured to the right). If you see this holographic image attached to any print, you can be assured that that print is an authentic print from Steven Duncan.

In addition, if you were to purchase a limited edition print – like the solargraphy on exhibition at the Chapel Hill winery at the moment – you will be provided with a certificate of authenticity, with the unique holographic sticker, along with a unique 6 digit code identifying that image on this website as a legitimate limited edition print from Steven Duncan Art, while also tracking it’s provenance.

For more information on the process and to view a demonstration of how the provenance system works, click the button below.

Authentic Sticker