Steven Duncan ART Workshops

Steven Duncan ART Workshops

I am excited to announce the opening of a new section on this website dedicated to workshops that I have been producing. There are not many workshops to have a look through as of yet, but based on the popularity and feedback I get from people I will certainly be adding more as making them are kind of fun 🙂 Hopefully the Steven Duncan ART Workshops will help some of you get into the world of photography a little better, in more ways than one!

The difference between the workshops available there and any other workshops available online are that the ones regarding photography are filmed using 360 degree Virtual Reality technology! This means that by using a VR headset like the Oculus Quest you can attend a workshop with me in person froim the comfort of your own living room. I believe that virtual reality is the next big thing, particularly when it comes to remote learning, so I’m really keen on using the technology.

This does not mean that you need an expensive VR headset to view the worldshops on offer, only that they are the best way of viewing them. You actually feel like you are on location with me while I’m on a shoot! You can use a cheaper option by placing your mobile phone into a simple VR headset like Google Cardboard or a cheap set from Cheap as Chips for example.

Why Virtual Reality Workshops?

I’ve been inspired to create these little lessons using virtual reality technology due mainly to the current situation we all find ourselves in because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are mostly stuck in our homes trying to learn or do stuff on our computers.

I am a registered teacher in the South Australian education system and have spent the last few months before the lockdown teaching at the Marden Senior College. I was teaching multimedia and photography as a substitute teacher and realised that some subjects are just not going to work by teaching remotely like what schools have been asked to set up. Photography and other practical subjects really needs to be taught in person or much of the course will be lost. I figured the next best thing would be using virtual reality technology to bring the lesson to the student.

I have been using virtual reality recording for years by producing records of weddings through my wedding photography business at SvenStudios, so I figured it’s be a natural progression to bring the technology to the Steven Duncan ART Workshops.

What do I have planned

At the moment I have not made many lessons, only covering three different aspects in the basics of using a camera, that is what the f-stop does, that the shutter speed does and the ISO. If you’d like to check them out, just hit the ‘workshops‘ link above in the menu bar. Make sure for the best experience when viewing you set the playback using the highest resolution possible – I record these lessons in 5.7k!

In the future I plan on bringing more in depth tutorials and lessons on more advanced photographic techniques and visits to interesting places while I’m taking photos. Hopefully I’ll also get better at talking to nobody while I’m out making these lessons too! It’s quite awkward talking to ones self as you’ll find when you view the lessons I have up already, but I’ll get better! 🙂

Hopefully in the future once I have a little library of Steven Duncan ART Workshops lined up on the site I can start charging for some of them, while keeping the majority free for anyone to view.

If you do have a chance on viewing my new workshop lesson, wplease do leave a comment, I’d love to hear some feedback!

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