Steven Duncan ART Workshops

As a qualified teacher with a masters in teaching, along with over a decade experience in the South Australian education system, I felt as though I was fairly qualified to produce and develop some workshops. My aim is to create meaningful workshops that are very different to what is available elseware on the web, making use of different technologies like Virtual Reality recording and unique editing techniques to truely immerse any students into the course I’m teaching.

I’ve tried to align my courses with what is being taught as part of the South Australian SACE, and VET curricula so that students are able to utilise what is learnt in a very real fashion. To begin with I’ll be offering my online photography workshops for free to whomever would like to test out what I’m producing here. I’m focusing on the basics of camera use to begin with, with the scope to expand my workshops offering to more advanced photographic techniques and perhaps editing workflows.

My main goal however is to truely utilise the new technology of Virtual Reality and VR headsets to invite students on my shoots actually on location while I teach the lesson. For example, I might teach what the ‘F-stop’ does in regards to depth of field in the middle of a forest, or what the ‘shutter speed’ setting does on a beach. I feel as though this technology is the next step in online learning and distance education.


Current Workshops Available