Akaka falls

Akaka Falls

The Akaka falls are located within the Akaka Falls state park on the big island of Hawaii. The park is about 18km north from Hilo. The Akaka falls are 422 feet (129 m) tall which if that wasnt tall enough, fall into what seems to be a large dark hole, exacerbating their height.

Akaka in the Hawaiian language means “A rent, split, chink, separation; to crack, split, scale”.

We were on a little bit of a drive around the island from our hotel on the other side of the island when we decided we’d like to see the Akaka falls. They were quite difficult to photograph as the viewing platform did not allow for a full view of the falls, also there were throngs of tourists all around taking up the best vantage points. My favourite part of the park though were the awesome wild Geckos that were scurrying all over the place.