Natural Bridge

Gold Coast Waterfalls

I recently spent a little time on the Gold Coast in order to get into training people how to pilot drones, but on a day off I managed to head down to Natural Bridge, and Lamington National Park to hike about waterfall hunting. These are the results of my adventures.

Heading to Natural bridge was a bit of a bucket list ticking off moment, as I had always loved the photographs I had seen come from this area, but had never visited, until now. I was so excited that I actually got up at 4am to arrive at the cave at 5am in order to witness the sun rise over the area, unfortunately the sun didn’t rise until 6am, so that was a bit of a waste of time, but I did get to witness the glow worms! one of the largest colonies of Glow Worms in the world apparently.

In the afternoon I hiked around the Lamington National park in order to reach the Chahan falls, which turned out to be about a 21km round trip hike, which my body just wasn’t ready for 🙂