Secret Falls Mt Wellington Waterfalls

I was recently lucky enough to spend a couple of days visiting some of the Mt Wellington waterfalls nearby to Hobart within the Mt Wellington Park. I wrote a bit of a blog post explaining each of the falls I visited. The great thing about Mt Wellington and the waterfalls on display there is that they are only a very short drive away from the very center of Hobart! if I lived here I’d certainly be spending much more time at these incredible waterfalls!

Mt Wellington Waterfalls

Secret Falls

Secret Falls are a stunning little spot to visit and are so called as there are no signage for hikers to indicate that these falls are nearby. The spot is actually off the side of the walking track towards the Myrtle Gully Falls located on a short road beading beyond the Cascade Brewery.

O’Grady Falls

O’Grady Falls were a bit of a trek to get to if you visit them directly after visiting the Strickland falls as I did, however there is a much easier path to them I’m sure! O’Grady falls are situated at the highest altitude of all the waterfalls on Mt Wellington and I think are also the tallest! A really nice little bridge going over the creek makes for a nice spot to view the falls, while the creek itself makes for a beautiful shot to frame a photo.

Strickland Falls

Stickland Falls and probably my favourite of all these waterfalls I visited. Tricky to get to, but the shortest walk of the lot as it’s within 50m of the carpark. It was only tricky to get to as the rain had washed much of the path away.

Silver Falls

A nice little walk to learn more about the histry of the Hobart waterworks up here, but the waterfall itself was a little dissapointing personally as the plungepool has been lined with a horrid man made concrete barrier. Doesn’t look too pretty.

For more information about where exectly each of these waterfalls are, and a more indepth description of each, head over to my blog post detailing my day 🙂