V35 Skyline 350GT

The Nissan V35 Skyline Coupe

My Nissan v35 Skyline 350gt Coupe. This particular Skyline is not the most powerful when compared to it’s ‘R’ cousins, but this particular model was designed for luxury purposes, as were the original Skylines in the past. My car was imported from Japan and hence keeps it’s ‘Skyline’ badge whereas the same car was exported to the American market and rebadged as the Infiniti G35.

Nissan released its 11th generation 2-door rear wheel drive Coupe in 2003. The Nissan Skyline V35 350GT is considered to be an entry-level luxury vehicle, more luxurious than the 350Z of which is shares it’s chassis and engine along with 2 more seats and a separate boot. Named 2003 Motor Trend Car of the Year the V35 350GT is comparable to the BMW 330Ci, but faster and more practical, offering more interior space and costing considerably less. Other comparison vehicles in its class include the Lexus IS 300, and Mercedes-Benz C320.