Split Point lighthouse, Airey's Inlet Lighthouse, Victoria, Australia

Split Point Lighthouse – Custodian

Split Point Lighthouse, Airey’s Inlet, Victoria, Australia with the Southern Hemisphere’s half of the Milky Way in the background.

It looks as if the light house is guarding the galaxy from disaster.

The moment I saw the result on my camera’s LCD screen, I knew I had an amazing opportunity here. I stood there for a good hour in the blistering cold shooting long exposures. I wanted to capture the stars with as little Earth-rotation as possible. The Light house itself is lit from passing cars in the distance during the exposure.

I diddn’t even notice the shooting star, but the camera did, in almost every exposure there were at least one.

This is a single exposure of 14mm, 400ISO, 2.8f, 69s

WINNER of 4th place in the Science category in the 2009 International Aperture awards [link]
GOLD award in the Science and Nature category of the 2010 AIPP National Awards

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