Basics of Using a Camera

The Basics of using a Camera

I’ve put this workshop together on the the basics of using a Camera after having spent a few weeks substitute teaching Photography students at the Marden Senior College in Adelaide. I was inspired by the COVID-19 restrictions on social distancing and thinking a subject like photography just can’t be taught remotely – so I wanted to take future students on expeditions using virtual reality technology.

Each of these lessons on the basics of using a camera are filmed using 360 degree virtual reality technology designed to be viewed using a virtual reality headset such as the Oculus Quest. That said though, a cheaper option would be to use a smart phone within a headset such as Google Cardboard or a cheap headset from Cheap as Chips. You do not however need any of these things to view the lessons, however they are best viewed through one to gain the experience I had planned for students 🙂

As part of each lesson I have also published a run down of the information covered throughout the virtual reality lesson so that if you’re better learning by reading all the information is there for future reference and review.