Wedding Photography

Apart from my award winning landscape and scientific photography, I’m also an avid wedding photographer based in Adelaide, Australia. My Adelaide wedding photography business’ webpage is over at where I offer customisable photography packages to suit any wedding worldwide, while I also have local-based wedding photography pages in Darwin and Hobart. Feel free to visit and browse the previews for all the weddings I have covered.

Steven was a wonderful photographer for our wedding in the Barossa Valley. He was always professional, super-positive and relaxed throughout the whole day! He had a lot of fun and creative ideas for setting up the photos. He politely and effectively told us just what to do, yet we always had to freedom to be ourselves and felt relaxed in all the photos.
He captured the day beautifully – the photos reflect so many little moments that last split seconds, but can now be treasured for a lifetime!
We highly recommend Steven – you won’t be disappointed

I approach my weddings as if it were my own, as a result I tend to connect to my clients on a more personal level. Rather than directing people constantly while following a formula, I like to go with the flow of your own wedding day. As a result I capture wedding photography more indicative of your personalities. Every wedding is different, and I view that as the exciting aspect of wedding photography. I’m constantly gauging you and your guest’s personalities and adjust my shooting style to suit.

I find the most natural images, that are full of emotion come while acting out normal activities, such as walking down a path, or making each other laugh. I use my own personality to connect with you on a personal level; and the result are natural and full of love.

If you’re keen on having an experienced, award winning photographer in a variety of different photographic genres, I would love to have a chat!

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