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As an experienced and acclaimed landscape photographer and educator, Steven’s diversity and deep knowledge of Fine Art Landscape photography is second to none.

His passion for his craft is what makes him rewarding to work with, and sharing his work through fine art prints and art installations is what drives him.

Steven Duncan is available for commission on any photography projects you may have, from a single portfolio shoot to full-fledged commercial projects.

Steven’s subject matter focuses on traditional “landscape” on one hand and produces intriguingly diverse fine art photography on the other. This website is a window to some of the worlds most remarkable sights, shot through the lens of Master Photographer Steven Duncan.

Landscape Photographer | Fine Art Photographer | Wedding Photographer

National AIPP Professional Science, Wildlife & Wildplaces Photographer of the year 2017
South Australian AIPP Professional Landscape Photographer of the year 2016

Landscape Photography from around the world

Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Being a landscape photographer, Steven Duncan loves traveling, exploring new landscapes, capturing memorable moments, and trying out new techniques to indulge viewers into a journey of understanding and amazement. By combining elements of landscape photography with subjects such as wildlife and science photography, he is able to create memorable images that enhance his audiences’ sense of exploration and discovery.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

-Edgar Degas

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Decorate your walls with The Fine Art Landscapes created all around the world by Award winning Landscape Photographer, Steven Duncan!

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I’ve travelled the world for landscape work, wedding photography, and generally for the love of travelling! Find out what Steven can offer you behind his camera!

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Love to have a chat about anything! Travel, Photography, whatever! Steven is also a trained teacher so if you want to pick his brain about something, let him know!


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