Landscape photographer of the year 2016

I’m pleased to announce that through my entries into the 2016 AIPP South Australian Professional Photography Awards, I have been awarded the prestigious title of Landscape photographer of the year, while also being a finalist in the Science category. My entries this year garnered a total of 8 awards, 1 gold award and 3 silvers in the Landscape category, and 4 silvers in the Science. I have a tradition of winning awards each year I enter both the State based Professional Photography Awards and the National equivalent. I have never won a category before however, so this is something quite special. I had come in as a finalist before, back in 2014 when I came runner-up in the Contemporary Photographic Artist category.

The award of Landscape photographer of the year is very special for me as this was one of my goals in my photographic career to finally win a category, now my next goal is to achieve ‘Master Photographer’ status as the next step up from my current ‘Associate of the AIPP’ status which I earnt in 2015.

Landscape photographer of the year 2016

Landscape entries

The images I submitted this year in order to gain my title as Landscape photographer of the year were mainly photographs I had taken on my recent trip to Alaska, Arizona and Hawaii. The image that won gold, and happened to also be the highest scoring Landscape print in the awards was taken in Antelope Canyon, Arizona. One exception was a shot I had taken in Victor Harbour on New Year’s day before the birds had even awoken 🙂

Also in the Science category I entered a few images taken on my trip overseas, with the notable exception of a sun trail, or solarisation taken in O’halloran Hill, just around the corner from where I live.