AIPP Science Photographer of the year 2017

Science Photographer of the Year 2017

AIPP Science Photographer of the Year 2017

I’m delighted to announce that I have been awarded the illustrious title of Science Photographer of the year at the annual National Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) Photographer of the Year awards 2017. My new full title is the 2017 AIPP Science, Wildlife and Wildplaces Photographer of the year which is of course an incredibly humbling title as some of the other photographers were past winners of the same award, and photographers I very much look up to, including Andrew Campbell – one of the best Astro photographers I’ve ever seen.

In order to win this award, one must first qualify as a finalist by achieving at least an award with each of the images you enter in any given category. In this case the science category. I managed to snag no less than 3 gold awards with a 4th award being a silver with distinction. Simply winning an award in the national competition of the AIPP is an achievement in itself, but I managed to win 4 high standard awards. The finalists are then judged as a portfolio, which I was judged to be the winner.

My images as I’ve posted before are documentations of the local cloud cover during a period of time i.e. 6 months using the solargraphy technique. One can go back to the image and roughly map out the weather that location has experienced during the exposure. The technique is actually quite old, with it being one of the oldest forms of scientific photograph. The general technique involves a camera obscura and usually expired photosensitive paper which is then positioned facing east or west for the sunset/sunrise. And let there for a period of time.

As an added bonus to this incredible award, the individual print awards I was given this year, in addition to previous awards I had won in the past has earnt me the title of ‘Master Photographer’ with the AIPP. This adds the post nominals to my name of APP M.Photog lengthening my full name to Steven Paul Duncan Mteach BA DipCIT APP M.Photog. High five! 😀

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