Gold Coast Waterfalls Curtis Falls

2018 Trip to the Gold Coast Waterfalls

Recently, I found myself head over to the Gold Coast to train how to train new drone pilots with Autonomous Technology, a training RTO through which I complete my RePL license in order to better utilise my drone. While I was over there, I took it upon myself and tick an item I’ve had on my bucket list for a long time, which was to visit the incredible Natural Bridge waterfall, about an hour out from the city.

The plan was to head out for the sunrise, as I figured the sunlight at that time of day would make for a wonderful glow coming through the cave entrance, however I woke up and arrived a good hour early, so I was waiting about from 5am to 6am. Luckily though i was entertained by the beautiful display of glow worms that live within the cave.

After having explored Natural Bridge, I head over to Lamington National Park – about an hour drive away with the intention of photographing more waterfalls. I diddnt really expect to head out on a 21km hike, but that’s what I did to visit the Chalan falls.

I’ve developed a bit of a video to showcase my day, with the images I took, below. While the photos themselves are available in my portfolio.

The images I was able to produce from this little trip to the Gold Coast are available to view by clicking on the button below. Prints are of course available on request 🙂

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