As one that is always keen on keeping up with the latest trends in technology – including the advent of the personal camera drone – for which I’m now a certified pilot and CASA trainer with Autonomous technology , through to my inclusion of 360 degree virtual reality filming of the weddings I cover. I’m super excited to say I’ve finally ‘dove’ into the ‘depths’ of the underwater drone!

I’ve been keeping a lookout for a decent offering for a photographer such as myself, with features a still photographer would appreciate on an underwater drone, and finally the drone creators – Chasing Innovation have finally come up with such a thing! As someone who is unable to scuba dive, due to having weak lungs, I’ve always dreamt of the ability to ‘fly’ underwater with a controllable submersible like this in such a way I’m able to with a conventional flying drone.

The Gladius Mini

One of the main reasons why I’d been holding back on pulling the trigger on some of the other offerings of underwater drones out there was the fact that none of them offered raw image file capture! I would have thought if a company were marketing these things to professional photographers – which many do (not naming any names) – they would be sure to offer raw file capability – particularly on a device whose subject matter is generally devoid of light and will need quite a bit of post processing to bring out an image. Another reason why I finally bought the Gladius mini was that this is the first reasonably priced drone with the capability of direct vertical motion, along with the capability of locking in an angle when moving. This is a huge feature to have as a still photographer, as it allows for much more stable shooting, and hopefully clearer images. The drone itself is a reasonable price also!

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