Happy to share with you all that I was recently judged in 5th place in the 2019 edition of the Capture Magazine’s Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers contest in the Art category. My entry consisted of a selection of the solargraphs that I have taken over the last several years and have recently exhibited around the state of South Australia. I also managed to come away with a ‘highly commended’ rating for some of my landscape work, as I also did last year.

The Capture Magazine’s contest is a well known contest in Professional photography circles with many mainstream names getting their name out there when beginning their careers by winning a category within it. I myself came 15th in last year’s wedding category. Hopefully I can come away with a win before I’m no longer eligible to enter. Only photographers in the first 5 years of their full-time career may enter, and I’m now in my third 🙂