AIPP National Awards 2019 new Master Photographer Rank

AIPP National Awards 2019

This week saw the annual edition of the AIPP National ‘APPA’ awards being held in Sydney, and I’m happy to say that once again I’ve come away with each of my 4 prints winning awards! The past 3 years in a row I’ve achieved this feat with the subm,ission of my unique solarisation alternative process images depicting the transition of the sun over several months within a single. In this year’s AIPP APPA awards I walked away with 3 silver awards and a silver distinction with the latter scoring an 89 – which was one measley point away from a gold! A little annoying, but anyway 😛

In previous editions of the AIPP APPA awards, in 2018 I pretty much scored the same, but with a gold instead of a silver distinction, but in 2017 I won the entire category earning me the title of National Science photographer of the year – which is still my proudest achievement in my photographic career, and I’m happy to see that my work is still being appreciated despite being a little old hat now 😛 I hope to mix things up for next year.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the AIPP National Awards 2019 was the fact that I have now achieved the title of ‘Master Photographer I’ which basically means I have achieved what was required for the title of ‘Master Photographer’ with the AIPP twice, adding another post nominal letter to my name. To achieve the naxt level of ‘Grand Master of Photography’ I need to do it at least 5 times, so looking forward to that in about a decade or two 😛


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