Authenticate your Steven Duncan ART


Each limited edition print produced by Steven Duncan Art is provided by a Certificate of Authenticity and corresponding unique 6 digit, alphanumeric code to uniquely identify and track provenance of each limited edition print presented by Steven Duncan Art.

You can enter your 6 digit code below to confirm and authenticate the legitimacy of the limited edition print you have in your possession was produced by Steven Duncan Art, and is not a forgery. This site also acts as a method of tracking provenance if the current owner of the limited edition print opts to update the unique details found under the code.

To provide an example of what an authentic Steven Duncan Art Limited edition print page looks like, enter the code ‘AAAAAA’

Authentic Sticker

Register your art

If you have recently purchased a Limited Edition Steven Duncan Art print, Congratulations! Steven Duncan Art takes forgery of artwork very seriously, and as a result have developed an authentication system to prove provenance of any limited edition print and to ensure your print is authentic. First, your print should have a hologram similar to the image foundabove, and your limited edition print (not regular prints) should have come with a certificate of authenticity providing you with a unique 6 digit alpha-numeric code.

In order to register your name to the provenance of your print, first check your print is authentic by entering your 6 digit code above, then fill in the form below. A photograph of the certificate of authenticity is required.

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