Through my online shop, I offer fine art prints of my work in two different styles. The first being an Ice sheer style print where the image is printed on silver halide paper then pressed in between two clear sheets of acrylic giving an ultra modern, and vivid viewing experience. The second I offer in my shop is a more traditional print on paper and framed with glass and wood. On occasion I may also offer limited edition versions of my work, and I also offer my work as a ‘print only’. I take great pride in the presentation of my award winning work, so you can be rest assured the prints and framing you receive will be of the highest quality.

My work is of the highest quality, as evidenced by my multiple awards won for my work, including the title of South Australian Professional Landscape Photographer of the year 2016. All work in the shop is individually crafted and inspected by myself to ensure the utmost in quality in your investment. My works have been on display around Australia, including the national exhibition of the top ten contemporary photographic artists in Australia and I’m sure would¬†look amazing in your home.

I have travelled the world to bring you my photography. Doing what I do is my passion and I invite you to share it with me through my fine art prints. If you’d desire an image that is currently not in the gallery for sale, please feel free to contact me and I’ll make it available.

I great pride in the legitimacy of prints sold bearing the ‘Steven Duncan Art’ name. As such I have developed an authentication process and ability to track provenance of my limited edition prints online through the link below.

Authenticate your Purchase