Framed Prints

Perhaps the most traditional way to showcase your investment in fine art photography is to frame your print. The framed prints provided by Steven Duncan ART have been personally overseen by Steven Duncan, the award winning photographer who produced the art on this site. The frame and foam card stock used for the mounting are guaranteed to be archival and will last for hundreds of years. The print itself will be printed on a paper suited to the image as chosen by Steven Duncan.

Framed art enhances the look of artwork as the frame itself is a vital design element. A frame gives the artwork a better look. While Steven Duncan ART also offers prints in a ‘print only’ offer, the frame chosen if you opt for the ‘framed print’ option is chosen by the artist who produced the work and is therefore perfectly suited for the image. If you decide to frame your purchased print yourself just be aware that poorly chosen frames might distract from the look and feel of the artwork. You will need to order a custom frame because ready-made frame may not match your need. This often happens, so buyers should not hesitate spending more to frame the art they purchase.

You should frame your art for safety reasons as unframed art will not be as protected in the long term if it were not. Art is bought primarily to be hung as a decorative item on the wall of a home or office. Framing your art makes it easier to hang it wherever you want.

Your framed prints will be larger than the listed size of your print due to the presentation mat and actual frame placed around the print itself. While your print will be the size you selected at purchase, the actual physical size of your framed prints will be larger.