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I woke up this morning to discover that one of my first ever images taken with my new Phantom 3 Pro drone has been selected by SkyPixel as a pick of the week. This means that out of the thousands of images and video submitted to Skypixel every day/week, my image of the shipwreck of Dorothy H Stirling in Port Adelaide, South Australia was selected to be in the running for their image of the month. My photo just needs to be voted on 250 times, and it’s halfway there already.

Skypixel is a website developed by the maker of my drone, DJI, in order to better market their drone products by providing an online platform for users of their drones to upload and showcase the work they are doing with their drones.

Skypixel pick of the week

The shipwreck of the Dorothy H. Sterling (formerly named Oregon Pine) is visible within the Garden Island ship graveyard in Port Adelaide, it became a victim of the Great Depression when it arrived in Port Adelaide in 1929 with a cargo of timber from the USA. Unpaid harbour dues resulted in the schooner being seized and offered at auction. Bids did not reach the reserve and the vessel was eventually sold to a local shipbreaker. The six lower masts were purchased and removed by the Harbors Board, subsequently being cut into three sections and used at Outer Harbor. During the next three years the wooden schooner was systematically dismantled in the Jervois Basin, Port Adelaide. On 6 June 1932 the gutted hull was towed to the eastern end of the North Arm to be broken apart by the unemployed as a source of free firewood.

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