3 Silver awards at the 2019 SA AIPP Awards

3 Silver awards

3 Silver awards at the 2019 SA AIPP Awards

This past weekend saw the 2019 edition of the South Australian AIPP Professional Photography awards be judged and I’m happy to say I’ve come away with 3 silver awards for my work in both the Landscape category, and the Illustrative category. While this haul of awards is not quite as impressive as previous years where I’ve come away with the title of SA Landscape photographer of the year in 2016, and National Science photographer of the year in 2017 – I’m still very pleased to have been recognised with these new awards. These awards allow me to better gauge my work when compared and judged by other professional photographers and better prepare myself for furthering my craft in future years.

1 silver in the Landscape Category

The silver award I won in the landscape category was a shot I took of the famed Nightcliff fingers rock formation in Darwin which on location for a wedding photography assignment up there. I remember getting up super early to capture this in the early hours then enjoying a delightful breakfast at the nearby pub 😀

2 silvers in the Illustrative Category

In the past I’ve won the National science award for images similar to these solagraphs, however this year the AIPP awards unfortunately has lumped any science category images in with the rather (too) broad illustrative category where images are supposed to illustrate a concept. The problem with this is that other competing images for the overall title can be of pretty much any gener, including photoshop photo illustrations – which by themselves I have no trouble with, its just when compared to a scientific image such as mine, I’m not sure how they can be compared. That being said however, perhaps these solargraphs I’ve been producing over the last 4 years have become a little stale and I need to explore new ideas – which is the whole goal of the awards 🙂

The other images I entered all achieved a rating of ‘high professional standard’ which is pretty neat.

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